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The Services We Offer

The Late Great Wild Bill Cody

      Dixie Pet Valet offers a wide range of professional in-your-home pet care services.  Our rates are highly competitive and all services can be customized for a perfect fit.  If we don't offer a desired service, please tell us about your needs and we will do our best to meet them.

Upon request, we will send you a photo and text update after every visit so you can be sure that all is well.

Private Dog Walks

This popular service gets your dog out for a walk and some fresh air when work schedules or day trips keep your pup home alone for far too long.  Handicapped or homebound pet owners may also find this service especially helpful.  Visits last a minimum of 30 minutes and walks can be adjusted to whatever length your dog is comfortable with.  Play time and water bowl checks are included with every visit.

Pet Sitting Overnight In-Your-Home

Pets are most comfortable in their own surroundings.  That's why this service is geared to keep things as routine as possible while you travel.  Your pets will gets lots of attention, walks, and companionship throughout the day and evening.  We'll also water your plants, take out the trash, check doors and windows, clean the cat litter box, and get the mail.

We will send you daily text messages so you can keep in touch and know that all is well.

Puppies, Seniors & Special Needs

Puppies and senior dogs have different needs.  A robust walk may not be right for them but they may need a potty break or just a friendly visit to make sure everything is okay.  These visits are shorter and intended to prevent "accidents."  Our puppy went through eight pairs of shoes because he had way too much time on his paws and no supervision.  So we know what that's like.  Then, when he got older, a long walk was too much for him.  So short little walks and light play were enough before it was back to nap time.  If your pup or kitty has a unique special need we can work with you to come up with a custom plan to ensure your peace of mind and their comfort.

Cats, Birds, Fish & Small Pet Visits


This service entails checking in on your pet, cleaning out litter boxes and/or bird cages, feeding, water check and play time. Time spent depends on what needs to be done.  If a cat is skittish with strangers and doesn't want to play or cudddle, we'll just check to make sure everything is fine and continue on with our chores. Birds can be fun and interactive, so we'll take care to match our attention to their needs.  Most importantly we'll follow your instructions as to what needs to be done.  

Pet Taxi & Valet Services

Oops!  You booked your pup for the dog groomer (vet or trainer) but something came up and your schedule won't allow it.  Don't cancel.  Just give us a call and our taxi service will take care of it.  Valet service includes picking up supplies and meds -- an efficient solution for homebound or handicapped clients.  

House Sitting, Plant Care & Safe Home Security Checks

Don't have a pet?  No problem.  We offer Safe Home daily/weekly security checks including the following basics:  check all doors and windows for safety, exterior and interior property check, water plants, take out trash, turn on/off lights, pick up mail, and ensure all utilities are working properly.  We can also stock your fridge and conduct light cleaning for a fresh welcome home.